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Information policy Bobst Group SA publishes financial reports, press releases as the need may occur pursuant to rules on ad-hoc publicity. It organizes twice a year of the conferences for financial analysts and the media, and teleconferences for financial analysts. All of these documents are available in the following tables.

Publications 2014

2014 Events Documents Conferences Releases
February 12 Consolidated turnover 2013   Audio Link
March 27 Detailed results 2013 Annual report 2013 Presentation Link
Annual profile 2014
April 25 Annual general meeting Invitation
August 28 Half-year 2014 Half-year report Audio Link
December 3 Review and analyse Presentation

Publications 2013

2013 Events Documents Conferences Releases
February 12 Consolidated turnover 2012   Audio Link
March 20 Detailed results 2012 Annual report 2012 Presentation Link
Annual profile 2013
April 24 Annual general meeting Minutes Link
August 29 Half-year 2013 Half-year report Audio Link
December 4 Review and analyse Presentation

Publications 2012

2012 Events Documents Conferences Releases
February 14 Consolidated turnover 2011     Audio Link
March 28 Detailed results 2011 Financial statements Presentation   Link
April 4 Detailed results 2011 Annual report
April 26 Annual general meeting Minutes
August 28 Half-year 2012 Half-year report Audio Link
December 5 Review and analyse Presentation

Publications 2011

February 15Consolidated turnover 2010AudioLink
March 30Detailed results 2010Annual reportPresentationLink
May 4Annual general meetingMinutes
Septembre 1Half-year 2011Half-year reportAudioLink
December 6Review and analysePresentation

Publications 2010

February 11Consolidated turnover 2009AudioLink
March 30Detailed results 2009Annual reportPresentationLink
April 28Annual general meetingMinutes
Septembre 1Half-year 2010Half-year reportAudioLink
December 8Review and analysePresentation

Publications 2009

February 12Consolidated turnover 2008AudioLink
March 31Detailed results 2008Annual reportPresentationLink
May 6Annual general meetingMinutes
Septembre 2Half-year 2009Half-year reportPresentationLink
December 9Review and analysePresentation

Publications 2008

February 14Consolidated turnover 2007AudioLink
March 27Detailed results 2007Annual reportPresentationLink
Financial statements
May 7Annual general meetingMinutes
Septembre 2Half-year 2008Half-year reportAudioLink
December 3Review and analysePresentation

Publications 2007

February 8Consolidated turnover 2006Audio
March 28Detailed results 2006Annual reportPresentation
Financial statements
May 3Annual general meetingMinutes
August 30Half-year 2007Half-year reportAudio
December 5Review and analysePresentation