Remuneration & nomination committee

A remuneration and nomination committee, having as members Gian-Luca Bona (Chairman) and Thierry de Kalbermatten (member), which is competent to decide certain matters subject to the approval of the board.

Gian-Luca Bona - Chairman

1957, Swiss national.
Prof. Dr. for Photonics ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne.
since 2009 Director Empa - Material Science & Technology.
2004-2009 Research Manager Science & Technology, Director Tape Storage Solutions, IBM San Jose and Tucson, USA.
1987-2004 Research Staff member and Research Manager Photonics, IBM Research Laboratory, Rüschlikon.
Other board memberships: Comet Group, President Technopark Zurich Foundation and Technopark Alliance; President Glatec Technology Center Foundation; Knowledge and Technology Transfer, member of Swiss Innovation Park Foundation Zurich.
Member of the scientific advisory boards of: CSEM Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Bundesanstalt für Materialien (BAM), Berlin, Germany; Balgrist Association, Zurich, Switzerland.

Thierry de Kalbermatten

1954, Swiss national.
BA, University of Lausanne (HEC). MBA, IMD Lausanne, Switzerland.
1994-2005 Member of Bobst Group Executive Committee.
1990-1994 Head of Logistics Department at Bobst SA.
1986-1990 Marketing Manager at Bobst Group Inc., Roseland, USA.
1984-1986 Rolex SA, Geneva, Switzerland.
1980-1982 UBS, Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland.
Other Board Memberships: JBF Finance SA, Chairman; PKB Alasia SA.